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Nicotine E Juice

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Nicotine E Juice

The nicotine e juice used in electronic smoking devices is a cleaner alternative to traditional forms of smoking tobacco. They’re free from the cancer causing agents most widely associated with tobacco, and provide users with social and personal benefits that can’t be matched by cigarettes, cigars, pipes or hookahs. The sheer volume of incredible nicotine e juice flavours and their variable nicotine content are just a few great reasons why this growing trend is sweeping Canada and the world. Learning a little more about these great smoke-free options can help people decide for themselves what’s actually best for them.


People love saying that electronic cigarettes cause cancer because they contain nicotine. There are a couple of interesting scientifically proven facts that nullify this point. The cancer causing agents found in tobacco products stem from the creation of tar through the combustion of tobacco. This tar has upwards of 4,000 harmful chemicals, about 70 of which are known carcinogens. Since e cigs don’t burn tobacco, or anything else for that matter, there isn’t any tar to worry about. Nicotine alone is no more dangerous to the human body than regular caffeine.


Traditional forms of smoking tobacco cigarettes are becoming less and less socially acceptable. It seems like every week a new law is established that prevents smokers from enjoying their hobby in public places. Some places in the world even limit the use of tobacco products in a person’s own home. Unlike traditional forms of smoking, vaping doesn’t leave a lingering smell on clothing or furnishings. It won’t discolour your fingers or emit dangerous second hand smoke to loved ones. In fact, electronic smoking devices that use nicotine e juice can be used without the fear of being a nuisance to anyone around you. Make the switch to a far less invasive hobby and get back to spending time with friends and family, guilt free.


In addition to the great benefits of making the switch from tobacco to e cigs, nicotine e juice from the most reputable retailer comes in a stunning variety of flavours and strengths. Those from top manufacturers like Dvine, Mother Earth Organics, and Flavor Crafters are typically available with low nicotine content at six percent, medium at 12 percent, high at 18 percent and extra strength at 24%. There are varieties that don’t contain any nicotine at all should that be the preference of the customer. When buying nicotine e juice, it’s strongly recommended to purchase and test the e liquid from a respectable and dependable retailer with both a knowledgeable staff and access to the most sought after brand names in the industry.
When it comes to nicotine e juice in Canada, there’s only one retailer to trust. They have brick and mortar locations in both Toronto and Niagara Falls to accommodate the growing vaper market, and a fully stocked online retail site offering free shipping on every order anywhere in Canada. Their impressive selection of the most popular e cigs, their accessories, and a beautiful selection of top of the line nicotine e juice makes them the perfect one stop shop for the hobbyist vaper and newcomers alike.
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